Telenet webmail login


As a Telenet customer, you benefit from several advantages. Besides the fact that you have fast internet, you also benefit from the webmail program that belongs to Telenet. Webmail means that you can access your emails anytime and anywhere, even when you are not at home. It is a program through which you are always aware of messages that come in. If you are on the road and need to send an email quickly, you can do so via webmail.

Email via the browser

Many Telenet customers have deliberately chosen not to install a mail app on their mobile devices. This may be for reasons of privacy, for example. It can also have other personal reasons. These customers choose to read their mail via the browser when they are on the road. With Telenet you can access your webmail via the homepage. You simply log in with your password to be able to read your mail. This is done with a processing speed that matches the subscription you have taken out. At Telenet, this concerns, among other things, a King or Kong subscription.

Email via the app

If you prefer to receive your mail directly on your phone, you can choose to place a Telenet app. That way you can immediately see your email when it arrives. In that case, you can also immediately see whether it is important mail. Any mention of an important message is issued immediately. This way you can see whether an email needs to be answered urgently. You can download the app from the app store that belongs to your mobile phone brand. For example, you have the Google Android app store and the iOS app store from Apple. You will find links to the apps on the Telenet website so that you can download them directly.

Your mail classified

Mails that come in are automatically divided into a number of categories by Telenet mail. For example, important mail is listed separately, but the mails you receive from companies where you have an account and from stores where you are a customer are also specifically listed. If you miss certain e-mail messages in your report, it is good to regularly check the box with spam messages. You can of course also place certain e-mails that come in in the correct section. In addition, you can ensure that e-mails from a certain sender automatically end up in the correct section via the settings of your mailbox.

Link other accounts

If you have other mail accounts from a previous provider, keep in mind that these will be kept for a certain time after which they will be stopped. You can link this e-mail to your Telenet account, so that the e-mails arrive at one fixed address. In addition, you can also link emails via a Google account, a Yahoo account or, for example, a Microsoft Hotmail account to your Telenet webmail. That way you will receive all your e-mail in a box. That is so clear.